Huevos Rancheros with Green Lemon & Pink Peppercorn tortilla chips and Pineapple & Habanero Salsa

  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20-25 minutes
  • Serves: 6


Black Beans (yields 450g)

1 tbsp grapeseed or vegetable oil
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 ½ tsp chipotle chili paste
1 tsp cumin powder
2 tins black beans (400g each) drained and rinsed
350ml chicken stock, may need more towards end to loosen
1-2 tbsp fresh lime juice
sea salt and pepper
1 tbsp chopped coriander
200g basmati rice, cooked according to package instructions


200g tomatoes, chopped
¼ red onion 25g, chopped
2 tbsp chopped coriander
1 tbsp fresh lime juice
½ fresh green chilli, deseeded and chopped finely
salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp grapeseed oil
6 large eggs


1-2 avocado, sliced
75g radish, sliced
Coriander leaves
Greek yogurt to dollop
Manomasa Pineapple & Habanero Salsa
Green Lemon & Pink Peppercorn Chips to serve


  1. For the beans sauté garlic chilli paste and cumin for 1 minute on medium high heat. Add the beans and give them a good stir coating the spices all around, then add 350ml chicken stock and simmer for 15 minutes add lime juice. Adjust seasoning.
  2. Cook rice according to package instructions.
  3. Add oil to skillet and fry eggs to your liking.
  4. Serve up rice and beans, with the egg on top. Accompany with Green Lemon & Pink Peppercorn tortilla chips, garnish with coriander leaves, radishes, avocado slices, Greek yogurt and Manomasas Pineapple & Habanero Salsa.