Do any of your products contain nuts or sesame seeds?

None of the MANOMASA range contains nuts or sesame seeds and we do not handle these in our factory.

How do I know your snacks are suitable for my dietary requirements?

You can find dietary information for all our chips on this site. Plus, each bag of MANOMASA clearly states whether they are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and coeliac diets, as well as providing any allergy advice – you’ll find all the information on the back of packs, just below the ingredients list.

Why is there air in my pack?

To ensure that MANOMASA Tortilla Chips reach you in good condition, we use air to cushion the product in transit. This doesn’t mean you’re getting any less chips – the weight displayed on the packet refers only to the weight of actual tortilla chips in the bag.

Who owns Manomasa?

Manomasa is owned by Kettle Foods Ltd., part of Valeo Foods Group.